RJR offers warrantees to certain products we manufacture of
30 years on timber
10 years on glazing
10 years on paint
10 years on ironmongery
5 years on stain

Customers will be notified of the warrantees offered and the point the quote is offered.

Any defects to the products that are caused in whole or part by failure to adhere to the recommendations relating to location, storage, handling, installation, decoration, glazing and maintenance may invalidate the above warranties. Recommendations for these are available on request.

  The warranty will be void where:
 1 The surface coating (paint or stain) has not been maintained with accordance of the advice given by RJR either verbally or in writing.
 2 The surface coating has been damaged by abrasion, impact or any chemicals. 
 3 Lack of maintenance of the product. If any imperfect area is not rectified immediately.
 4 The products proximity to costal areas,(seas and lakes), rivers or where any chemicals  are in the nearby environment, such as a heavily polluted environment.
 5 Lack of building maintenance. Any foundation wall failure. Presence of any plants, creeping  foliage, trees or any greenery in proximity to the product.
 6 Any damage by pets.
 7 Products have been enclosed with a swimming pool.
 8 If the product comes in constant contact with water (leaking gutters) or any excess moisture ingress which has been caused by lack of building maintenance or by the positioning of  the product supplied.
 9 Where any chemicals used in the building process has come into contact with the product. These chemicals could include:brick acid, plaster, mortar or cement. 
10 When non standard paint finishes were specified by the customer or a non standard wood profile was ordered by the customer.
11 The product has not been allowed to accumulate dirt and debris, this may lead to excessive mould growth.
12 The product has to been next to heat source (inside heat source or outdoor heater/fire)
13 Any gradual surface wear has occurred being caused by natural elements
14 Any damage to any outward opening product that has been damaged in windy conditions.
15 The product has been damaged due to condensation.
16 If the product has been modified or changed in any way from how it was delivered to the customer by RJR.
17 Ironmongery will not be covered if it has nor been properly maintained. if there has been a build up of debris such as sand, grit, mortar or cement. or if the moving parts have not been lubricated regularly. or if they have become discoloured due to any cleaning operations.
18 Any damage to the product caused by an Act of God,(eg flood, lightning, wind, tornado, hurricane, landslide earthquake or any other natural disaster.) or fire or burglary or vandalism or any other force majeur such as war.
19 If any monies is owed by the customer to RJR.
20 The product has been damaged through the use of abrasive or excess cleaning or any damage through cleaning (damage by ladders or a pressure washer or use of a garden hose on washing the windows.)
21 In the unlikely event of a component failing as a result of a defect caused by manufacturing, materials or workmanship,the liability of RJR is restricted to the supply of a replacement product, parts, or providing a repair to the existing product. RJR do not accept liability for any charges for the installation, painting or storage or any other subsequent costs.
22 The customer must report to RJR any extreme weather conditions where the product will be installed. These extreme weather conditions may include: Beachfronts, headlands or a mountain location, as these will affect the warranty given.
23 Natural variations in the colour or texture of wood shall not be considered as defects.Warp, twist cup or bow shall not be considered a defect 
24 The windows and doors must be fitted by a Fensa registered fitter, if the customer is not able to provide documentation to this effect the warrantees will be void
25If the product had not been stored, prior to fitting as advised by RJR.
Products have been stored in unventilated areas prior to fitting, or have been left unventilated during the construction process.
RJR will replace any damaged parts at our discretion and fixed in the way we see appropriate for the first 12 months. After this RJR will supply the part for the length of time guaranteed (unless voided as above) but not the cost of fitting it.  

RJR will not be liable if the customer has allowed anyone other than an RJR employee to change, repair or replace any parts or to make any adjustments to the product.