NEW! Improved Thermal Ratings on Timber Windows & Doors Feb 2016

According to (2016) 'A U Value is a measure of the heat transmission through a building part (as in a wall or a window) with lower numbers indicating better insulating properties.'

At RJR we are conscious of the environmental impact of achieving low U values on our Window and Door range. Not only does this mean that your house will be better insulated saving you money on your energy bills but this will also, in turn, lower your carbon footprint. We have worked closely with our tooling manufacturer and glass supplier to ensure that our whole products achieve the lowest U value possible.
Our U values are as low as:

Performance Flush casement
1.2 w/m2k

-Beaded from the inside
-HP multipoint lock
-Top or Side hung
-Variety of glazing bar options.

Sash Window Range 
1.1 w/m2k



-Spiral balances
-Beaded from the inside
-Lead weights
-Variety of glazing and tilt options
-Variety of security and ironmongery options

Partially Glazed Exterior Doors
1.4 w/m2k

-All doors have a wide range of options including 
-locking and inward or outward opening
-All beading is on the inside for security and waterproofing

See Our technical section for U value and CE certificates.