Why Wood? July 2016


Your home is usually going to be your greatest investment, therefore every decision you make about it will be done with great consideration.

When deciding on replacement windows and doors, one of the biggest questions will always be

'Wood or Plastic?'

There are many factors to consider but the main one for any homeowner is undoubtably cost. Whilst plastic windows are very often cheaper at the outset, the average lifespan of a plastic window is 25-35 years whereas with minimal maintenance a wooden window can be expected to last upward of 55 years.

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At RJR we offer guarantees of 
30 years on timber
10 years on paint
10 years on glazing
10 years on hardware
5 years on Stain 

The manufacture of plastic windows creates large amounts of Co2 and is typically not recyclable when the windows are replaced. Wood is sustainable, recyclable at the end of its useful life and the use of it will reduce your carbon footprint.

Our bespoke timber windows are double glazed and offer equal if not better thermal ratings than upvc, whilst improving the aesthetics of your home. See our technical section for details on our u values.